Breathing Room Yoga + Psycle

Self-compassion: The Foundation of Self-Care
with Guest Instructor

January 29 (Sunday)
at 1:00 pm

Class length
150 minutes

Shelly Prosko, PT, C-IAYT, PCAYT

In this workshop we will explore, reflect, move, learn, and experience the dynamic process of self-compassion and redefine how self-care might show up in your life, offering you and those you love a thriving path forward. You will learn and experience ways to cultivate and integrate a compassionate way of being in your daily life, amidst uncertainty and adversity, to help carve an enriched and flourishing path forward that may be sustained beyond tumultuous times.

Self-care is a popular term these days. While many of us would agree that taking care of oneself is a good thing, each of us may have different ideas of what self-care looks like or we may struggle with balancing our needs and the needs of those we love, particularly if we don’t receive the support we need. The act of “self-care” often becomes yet another item on our “to do” list or an added pressure or expectation in an unrelenting pursuit of better health - which can result in the opposite of self-care.
Self-compassion has been shown to be a powerful antidote to many unhelpful health issues. Many of us, including some researchers, consider self-compassion to be the foundation of genuine self-care.

What to bring:
Bring a journal or notepad, pen, something to lie on (yoga-type mat or large towel), and wear comfortable clothing.

Shelly is a physiotherapist, yoga therapist, educator, author and pioneer of PhysioYoga with over 24 years of experience integrating yoga into physiotherapy within a variety of specialty areas including chronic pain, pelvic health, self-compassion and professional burnout. She guest lectures at numerous yoga therapy and physiotherapy schools, presents at yoga and medical conferences globally, contributes to academic research, provides mentorship to professionals, and offers onsite and online courses and resources for yoga and healthcare practitioners and the general population.

She considers herself a lifelong student and emphasizes the immense value gained from clinical experience and learning from the patients she serves, the professionals she teaches, and the colleagues with which she collaborates.

Shelly has written several book chapters in yoga therapy and integrative rehabilitation textbooks and is the co-editor/author of the book Yoga and Science in Pain Care: Treating the Person in Pain. She maintains a clinical practice in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada and believes compassion is the foundation of healthcare and overall well-being. Visit 


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